hairstyles for beach weddings

What Are Your Options for the Beach Wedding Hairstyles

beachy wedding hairOne of the big dreams is the wedding at the beach! Beautiful, connected to nature, with a look of killer and often endowed with a symbolism for the bride and the groom, it is difficult not to be charmed by a marriage of this kind.

But a wedding on the beach has some quirks that must be seen beforehand as the details of the bride’s appearance, sandals, the perfect dress, a special decoration, care to be a site of opening ceremony, among many others.

A detail that also enters the account are the hairstyles of the bride. This is because, as this type of ceremony has a more intimate, informal and intimate atmosphere, it is ideal that everything goes with that image, including the locks.

If your plan is to get married on the beach or if you already have an appointment and are looking for a hairstyle, check out the appropriate ideas for this type of ceremony and get inspired!

hairstyles for beach weddings

Bridal hairstyles for beach weddings

According to hairdresser hairstyles for those who get married on the beach are usually stripping. Traditionally, she says, they use loose hairstyles, bare cokes, choppy bob, wavy or braided hair for beachy wedding hair.

Enjoy and discover some wonderful inspirations and choose the right one for you!


The cokes for weddings on the beach are usually naked, without much formality, with loose threads and a very light air. They are a good request for hot days and for those who, even when they are married on the beach, do not want to leave out the classic and elegant touch characteristic of coke hair.

Released hair

Loose hair is a charm, with a very natural look, that blends well with the climate of the beach. However, hairdresser is looking for a possible problem: “the totally detached hair is not very indicated, because of the temperature, the sea air and the breeze of the beach”. But if that is your desire, see charming inspirations online of hairstyles for beach weddings.

beach wedding hairstyle

Bulk Medium

Medium Bulk can be a solution for brides who want looser curls with a more natural look and are afraid of the effects of salty air. Beautiful, natural and with the charm of the loose medium, it gives a very charming air to the bride.

Braids but looser braids with loose or stress-free strands are perfect for marrying the tranquil climate of a beach wedding. Ideal, for those who do not want to worry about the mess of the wires during the ceremony because of the wind and sea air.

Crown of flowers

The crown gives a very tropical, delicate and charming look to brides getting married on the beach. It blends perfectly with the style of a minimalist ceremony and goes well with the most diverse types of hairstyles, both loose and glued.

T Ponytail

The ponytail can be used with loose threads or even more straight, without messy air. This is common ground for those who do not want the locks to be completely stuck, but who are afraid of the breeze that spoils the hairstyle.

Beautiful inspirations, is not it? Hard to even choose a style alone! And most of these hairstyles are not hard to do, you know?

Do you want to learn some of the beach wedding hairstyle above? Many of them are so simple that you can learn and do it yourself or ask a friend to do it for you.