What is a monetary gift And How You Can Have

One of the most common and appropriate wedding gifts is money. Nowadays, such a gift is presented on any occasion, and it will not be a surprise for a husband and wife, but it will become a topical present – that’s for sure.

But do not hand the same bills in the hands of the newlyweds?

It is important to beat the beautiful presentation of this gift! On this account, there is a huge variety of ideas that will be an original addition to your seemingly ordinary gift. It is interesting to know what these ideas are, thanks to which it is beautifully possible to donate money for a wedding.

How unusual to give money for a wedding

Every donor wants to present monetary gift on a wedding to the newlyweds unusually, but how to do it? You should show your own imagination, turn on your wits and show creativity. Come up with an intriguing package in which you carefully fold bills instead of an envelope.

Money does not have to be hidden inside something, focus on your gift and create, for example, a bright garland that will be heavily hung with bills. Indeed, there are a lot of options, so later we will look at more detailed many remarkable inventions.

donate money for a wedding

Pack a gift in a few boxes

Prepare a surprise for the young and pack the money in a gift box. Use not one, but several pieces, packing on the principle of matryoshka: the first box should be small, and each subsequent one more than the previous one. It would be great if you presented the newlyweds with a huge box the size of a man, for unpacking which you can make a fun contest.

To fill each box, use different ribbons of paper, confetti, candy, coins, along the way, you can add another wedding monetary gift (if funds allow). Package decorate multicolored balloons filled with helium. This idea will be a very exciting surprise, not only for the newlywed couple, but also for all the guests at the wedding.

Gift in the form of a keg of honey

Use the story idea of ​​the cartoon “Winnie the Pooh” and present the bride and groom a keg of honey (as a liquid delicacy, money will play inside the keg). To implement this option, you will need a small wooden container or a glass jar (an alternative may be a small paper barrel).

Cover the container with stickers with the word “honey”, and fix a beautiful napkin with a rope, as it was done in the old days of your grandmother. Inside, put money of different denominations.

monetary gift

Wedding Money Garland

The following original version, offering a beautiful way to donate money, a garland. To do this, you will need a bright tape (approximately one meter in length), as well as bright stationery. Roll the bills in half and twist them over the rope, securing them with paper clips. For decor, use paper ribbons, balloons, rhinestones.

Another variant of such an idea could be an ordinary Christmas tree garland, which is easy to use instead of a rope. Secure money with clips to it and give the newlyweds by connecting bright lanterns to electricity.

Money flowers and trees

Those who like to present beautiful and original gifts, made with their own hands, will like the option of money flowers or trees: for example, an original bouquet of roses, made with money. For the manufacture of this idea you will need a considerable amount of time, but the result will make any guest who sees such a work of art admire.