What to bring to a wedding: Your Ideas

Numerous guests use to wonder about they have to convey to a marriage ceremony as well as reception. Whereas most of the things you require will be there to be specific, drink and food there are a couple of basics you’ll need to have on hand.

Here, ten absolute necessities each guest should plan to convey along to the wedding, guaranteeing that you’ll be set up for wardrobe malfunctions, weather conditions, and minutes before the camera. Here are things to bring to a wedding:


You most likely won’t have to whip out your wallet amid the wedding, however it’s brilliant to bring money in the event of some unforeseen issue. Who knows whether you’ll need to pay for transportation, a sudden cash bar, or an after-party at a neighborhood restaurant?

Cell Phone

You shouldn’t be stuck to your cell phone amid the ceremony or they reception, however regardless you’ll need to bring your gadget along. You’ll require it to look into directions to the venue, speak with different guests, and snap photographs (since a cell phone is less meddling than an extensive DSLR camera).

what to bring to a wedding


You can bring checks, cash, cards, and other littler presents to the reception, and you’ll immediately deposit it on the blessing table. Then again, bigger endowments must be sent legitimately to the couple’s home; you can for the most part discover the directions on the registry.

Magnificence Touch-Up Necessities

Ensure you’re photograph prepared by pressing the fundamentals you’ll requirement for any magnificence contact ups, as concealer, powder, bobby pins or oil blotting sheets. Additionally think about bringing a reduced mirror, so you won’t have to investigate a bathroom each time you need to re-apply your lipstick.


Romantic readings, heartfelt vows, and wistful first dance tunes could generate tears from any types of wedding guest. In case you’re concerned about waterworks, a big tissue pack keep with you a wedding in your bag.


This tip applies just to a little subset of guests: If you have food allergies or severe dietary limitations, make a point to pack snacks. In the wake of sitting through a ceremony and associating amid cocktail hour, guests may begin restlessly anticipating dinnertime. Fight off cravings for food with some open snacks, similar to nuts or granola bars. In case you’re going through the night at a hotel for the wedding, you’ll most likely need to pack a couple of snacks, as well, paying little heed to allergies.

A Change of Shoes

Your out of this world stilettos coordinate splendidly with your cocktail dress, yet they’ll crush your feet on the dance floor. Think about pressing a difference in shoes, for example, expressive dance pads or pretty sandals, for the reception.


Indeed, even with a difference in shoes, painful rankles are once in a while inevitable. Pack band-aids to ensure any bothersome rankles that form—or avoid the damage out and out by applying rankle barrier products before the ceremony.

Allergy Medications

Allergy sufferers realize that symptoms misbehave amid specific seasons. In case you’re going to an outdoor wedding that is occurring at a homestead, park, or other outside venue, pack your favored allergy medicine.


Going to an outdoor ceremony in the morning or evening? Be set up for brilliant sunlight by bringing sunglasses. Likewise, if downpour is in the forecast, an umbrella could spare your makeup, hair, and outfit from getting wet.