father of the groom

Responsibilities of a father of the groom

One of the most honorable attendees, the importance of which cannot be underestimated, is the father of the groom at the wedding. On his strong shoulders, not only the family structure, but also many organizational moments of the celebration itself usually rests. And his moral endurance throughout the ceremony is a real example and support by the young ones themselves, their spouse and parents of the bride.

What is the role of the groom’s father at the wedding

Parents always take on the main difficulties in organizing the “from and to” wedding process. As the head of a family that hosts a new member, the wife of a son, the father of the groom has a hard time. It is he – this is the standard, which will be leveled groom. Often, without agreeing with him, the key moments of the festive ceremony are not complete.

groom's father

The duties of a father of the groom will be to show to those present how the family welcomes the newly-made wife of his beloved son. Now a girl from another family goes under his patronage.

As a rule, the speech at the wedding is always the first to be delivered by the groom’s father, holding an answer and taking the initiative. His adult son will now lead the social unit himself, and the parent’s task is to convey the format and lifestyle of his family, as was customary in a father’s house.

Duties of the groom’s father

As for the dad of the groom, then he has no specific duties and instructions in terms of performing certain actions and rituals before the wedding of his beloved son. Therefore, he himself has the right to choose what he should do. However, most often, it is fathers of suitors who take responsibility for the technique. That is, dad is engaged in ordering a car, a photographer and an operator. In addition, if parents are directly involved in organizing a banquet, the father can take up the purchase of alcoholic beverages, in which men understand better than women.

Also, before the wedding, a father of the groom do, like his mother, should prepare a speech with which he will meet the young after the registrar. Although, the first to receive the blessing from the mother, the words and wishes of the father are also very important.

The groom’s father must also remember that he will have to dance with his daughter-in-law at a wedding banquet. Therefore, if dad is not very good at dancing or just forgot, he should refresh his memory and rehearse before the wedding. It is good if he can dance at least a few times with his daughter-in-law.

But still, be that as it may, the main task of the parents before the wedding is the ability to show that marriage is really wonderful, give the son useful and necessary advice, and not hide his joy and always support and help in any situation. After all, whatever the traditions defined by the obligations of the parents, they should always help the son in all matters with which he will address them regarding the wedding celebration. Thanks to life wisdom and experience, mom and dad can always help find the right solution in any situation.